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Monday- Erin

Posted on 2008.02.11 at 11:20
Ok for breakfast  I had a bowl of oatmeal, a fiber one bar, and toast, so around 300 calories, I guess.. I AM AM going to do my workout today if it kills me! Which it might just do that, I'm so groggy!

Lunch: Tuna w/ mustard & Spinach.. Another fiber one bar!

Posted on 2008.02.07 at 12:11
I've not gained, but I've not lost, so all in all I'm ok.. LOL

My tummy has been in KNOTS all day so I've drank some water, ate a fiber one bar and I've been munching on celery, adn thats it..   I need to do my workout at some point, I almost hate to do it on a meeting nioght, because I'll most likely need another shower. lol


Thursday February 7th,2008

Posted on 2008.02.07 at 11:33
I feel yucky!!! I started my period today.

Breakfast: 1 100 calorie breakfast bar

Lunch: Turkey breast sandwhich from Subway

Supper: Haven't eaten yet but we are having roast, potatoes, and carrots for supper


I have all new motivation now! This morning at work I had biometric testing done, I won't know for a week or two the results of it (they'll test cholesterol, blood sugar, etc) but my blood pressure was 140/96! Which is high! This really is freaking me out. I scheduled an appointment with Cullens office for next week (I needed to do that anyways because the NP won't give me anymore Zoloft until I am seen) So I'll see if I need to be on blood pressure meds... grrrrrrr I hope not, it's bad enough that I am on Synthroid for the rest of my life!

With the tax money coming in the next two days I am preparing to buy a treadmill and I am going to use it at least 5 times a week... I would really like to be 150 before my 30th birthday which is a year and a half a way, I think if I work hard I can get there.


Tuesday & Wednesday

Posted on 2008.02.06 at 11:23
Lets see.... Yesterday:

Breakfast: Yet again a blueberry bagel with cream cheese

Lunch: Large salad w/ tomatos, califlower, mushrooms, and chicken

Dinner: Steak, homemade garlic mashed potatoes and corn

Dessert: A hand full of hershy kisses.


Breakfast: My last bagel & cream cheese

Lunch: Turkey Sandwhich on the low cal bread and a few potato chips.

Supper: Tacos


Monday February 4th, 2008

Posted on 2008.02.04 at 21:59
Bad day:

Breakfast: 1 blueberry bagel w/ cream cheese (yes again)

Lunch: 2 small slices of pizza

Snack: Chocolate bar

Supper: Shrimp & French Fries

Ugh.... I wish I hadn't have eaten that chocolate. I'm looking forward to getting my treadmill here in the next few weeks, I am going to use it a lot.


Monday- Erin

Posted on 2008.02.04 at 11:41
Hopefully this will be a GOOD week!  Yesterday was bad, I ate SO MUCH FOOD! But we're off to a good start. Fiber one cereal for BF..

Oh and the Fiber is really working, so I wouldn't be surprised if I lost a LOT of weight this week, if ya know what I mena. ;)  


Sunday February 3rd, 2008

Posted on 2008.02.03 at 13:12
 Breakfast: 1 blueberry bagel w/ cream cheese

Lunch: Salad with chicken

Supper: 2 pcs. of pizza & a few hershy kisses

So far so good today. I'm not getting much done yet today because Isabel is sick.


Saturday February 2nd, 2008

Posted on 2008.02.02 at 21:24
I did pretty good today:

Breakfast: 1 Blueberry bagel with Blueberry creamcheese on top

Lunch: Large Salad with chicken, tomatos, califlower, and mushrooms

Dinner: Rueben sandwhiches (homemade, they were good but very different) and a few Hershey kisses for dessert.


I did something strange today, Me and Izzy went to Wal-mart to go grocery shopping and I was so thirsty by the time we got to the check out that I was like "oooh I want a Mountain Dew so bad" but I was very good and just grabbed a diet mountain dew instead..... I drank it so fast once we got out to the car that I didn't even notice it was diet *LOL* Isabel finished it off after we got home.

I did weigh myself this morning although I had told myself not too, I felt like I needed the extra motivation at this point and I was pleased that I am still at 226 lbs... I am pretty impressed considering I haven't been doing the greatest lately.

I also noticed that I have had a lot more energy lately. This morning I cleaned up the computer room which was in bad need of a good cleaning. This afternoon I took a bunch of trash out to the cans which I have been neglecting to do for awhile. I also got the dishes done.. Oh, and I did a lot of prep work for my dinners this week (cut chicken into strips for fajitas, diced more chicken for chicken a la king, cut steak into cubes for stir-fry, cut onions & green peppers and put in freezer for the fajitas, etc... so hopefully I will be saved some time this coming week!  



Friday February 1st

Posted on 2008.02.01 at 20:42
 Erin I know how you are feeling! I want to quit my diet so bad but I cannot!!!! Maybe we should take more pictures.... We have to do something! 

Breakfast: 1 Breakfast cookie & One blueberry bagel (eaten about an hour apart)

Lunch: Chicken Alfredo microwave dinner (600 cals..... YIKES... I should have looked at that before eating it)

Supper: I redeemed myself... One salad with Califlower, tomatoes, & mushrooms.

Dessert: 150 calorie Dessert bowl. 

I'm not weighing myself still and I still haven't started exercising.



Posted on 2008.02.01 at 19:28
Apparently, I'm only devoted enough to post every other day now.. *sigh*

I did good yesterday, except for the snicker bar. OOPS! Really good today. And yesterday I did 2 of my workout tapes! WOOT!

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